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I have been a customer for almost a year and I was thrilled with the service and cut at my first visit… The change Nina suggested this last time is nothing short of amazing. I feel as though I have had a complete make over with just one haircut…I have gone to Boston and New York, hoping for this kind of experience and found it here in Worcester!

I have been to every salon in the city…. I wanted the kind of cut I would never have to comb and I got it. … I would highly recommend this salon if you want high end experience and highly skilled technique. Nina is just lovely!

To begin with my hair is very curly and frizzy… Nina spent time explaining, talking, and teaching about my type of curly hair...She explained the best style and length...Nina matched my hair color with my eyes and skin...she brought life to my hair! Now my curly hair is longer, healthier, organized, and manageable. Most importantly, I love my hair now.
Lady O

I have been going to Salon Nina Raffaella for almost a year. I grew up in a family of hairstylists who have styled my hair for many years, and who have seen many disasters occur as the result of me trying someone new in the area …Nina does my hair and I have to say that after going to her, this is the first time any of my family members have loved the way my hair has looked!

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